COHAB Initiative Charter and Strategy 2009 - 2012

Following six months of consultation during which we received over 250 submissions, the COHAB Initiative Secretariat has completed a draft of a revised Charter and four-year strategic programme of work.

It had originally been intended to prepare a programme of work for the period from 2008 to the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010. However, it was clear from the submissions we received that many of our partners saw a need for a more in-depth and longer-term strategy that looked beyond the 2010 biodiversity target. Therefore the revised Strategy aims to bring the Initiative up to the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit (World Summit on Sustainable Development) in 2012. The Charter aims to build on the outputs of the Second International Conference on Health and Biodiversity (report available here), Decisions taken at the 9th Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (particularly Decision IX/27), andrelated resolutions of the Sixty-third session of the UN General Assembly on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. The Strategy continues to push the themes of experience-sharing and transdisciplinarity addressed by the Initiative up to 2008, but importantly it also aims to assist in the practical implementation of novel methods of co-operation on health and biodiversity - across borders, across sectors, and across cultures. A number of case studies on co-operation are planned in both developing and developed countries. There is also specific focus on the links between biodiversity and the health of indigenous and local communities, and a commitment to a wider exploration of risk assessment tools such as Strategic Environmental Assessment and Health Impact Assessment, and the links between ecosystems and human security as it relates to health and well-being.

Copies of the strategy can be downloaded here. Observations and comments can be submitted to the Secretariat until the end of January 2009.

Please send all comments to the Secretariat:

by email to

or by post to:

COHAB Strategy 2012

COHAB Initiative Secretariat,

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