COHAB Initiative Policy Briefs on health and biodiversity for CBD COP10, Nagoya, Japan

Rice planting in paddy fields near Mt. Fuji, Japan

Pursuant to work in support of Decision IX/27 of the ninth Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP9, Bonn, 2008), on co-operation with other conventions and international organisations, and ahead of discussions at COP10 in Nagoya, the COHAB Initiative Secretariat has released four policy briefs on the theme Biodiversity and Global Health. These highlight some of the core issues linking health and biodiversity, and outline policy options to be addressed by the multi-lateral fora such as the COP and the World Health Assembly.


1. The importance of biodiversity to human health

2. Global health and global ecosystem change

3. The health effects of climate change impacts on biodiversity

4. Linking health and biodiversity in policy and practice


Persons attending the COP meetings in Japan who wish to meet with members of the COHAB Initiative Sceretariat should send an email to



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