COHAB Initiative Secretariat internships for summer 2010


The COHAB Initiative Secretariat is offering two internships of 10 weeks each at our offices in Galway, Ireland, during summer 2010.

Interns will gain experience in cross-sector communication, research and public education on issues linking biodiversity and human health and well-being. Specific projects will include working on international guidelines for incorporating biodiversity into public health management planning, development of the revised COHAB Initiative strategy for 2010 - 2015, research into ecological effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products, and development of partner programmes on sustainable health care systems.


The internships are on a volunteer basis. The positions will run during june, July and August 2010, and are open to graduate / post-graduate students and recent graduates in science, sociology, and healthcare related fields. Interested persons should contact the Secretariat at





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