International Society for Environmental Epidemiology - 21st Annual Meeting, University College Dublin, Ireland, 25th - 29th August 2009

The ISEE will convene its 21st annual meeting in the Health Sciences Building in University College Dublin in August 2009.

This year, the special theme of the conference is "Food, Environment and Health" ; the aim of the meeting is to encourage dialogue across a range of disciplines, addressing some of the major challenges facing the intenational community in this first decade of the 21st century - food security, equity, and environmental sustainability. These topics are both a policy context for ISEE and important areas of research to which the ISEE hopes to contribute.

The COHAB Initiative Secretariat will be in attendance at the meeting from 25th to 27th August. We are grateful to the ISEE, and particularly Dr. Anthony Staines of Dublin City University, for their kind invitation. Delegates wishing to connect with the Secretariat in Dublin during the meeting should send a message to

For details of the ISEE meeting, please visit the conference website at




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