Preparation of a Training Toolkit on the theme of "Biodiversity for Health and Development" on behalf of the CBD Secretariat

The COHAB Initiative Secretariat is working with the Secretariat of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity to develop a toolkit on the relationship between biodiversity and human well-being for the health sector and other stakeholders working in developing countries.

The project output will form part of a series of toolkits produced by the CBD's Biodiversity and Development Unit. Other toolkits will cover issues of Forest Resources, Tourism and Agriculture. The purpose of Biodiversity for Development toolkits is to assist the conservation of biodiversity and to facilitate co-operation on biodiversity and development issues by “compiling good practices that support biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation in a number of different development sectors”. The toolkits aim to provide “practical guidance for governments, development agencies, businesses, and non-governmental organisations working to ensure that biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction goals go hand in hand”.

The Health Toolkit will:

  • Provide an overview of the interlinkages between biodiversity and human health as relevant to public health protection, poverty alleviation, livelihood security and international development;
  • Provide an overview of relevant trends in global health related to status and trends in biological diversity;
  • Introduce public decision-makers to the available toolbox of techniques, technologies and procedures that optimize the integration of biodiversity conservation, public health management and poverty alleviation strategies;
  • Introduce good practices on the interface between the health, development and biodiversity sectors;
    Assist Parties to the CBD in establishing national and sub-national policies, strategies, plans and projects for the protection of public health that account for the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services;


The COHAB Initiative Secretariat invites input to the toolkit from scientists, practitioners and experts in the areas of health, environment, biodiversity, development and risk management. In particular, we are seeking input to case studies on the themes of medicinal resources, disaster risk reduction, emerging diseases, non-communicable diseases, and nutrition / dietary health.

All comments, suggestions, queries, and submissions should be sent (before 21st July 2009) by email

OR by post to:

Health Toolkits, COHAB Initiative Secretariat, P.O. Box 16, Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland






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