CBD Secretariat launches new webpage on Health and Biodiversity

The Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity has launched a new web page dedicated to the links between health and biodiversity. The webpage contains details of decisions adopted by the CBD Conference of Parites (COP) that are of relevance to health issues, as well as links to websites of other relevant initiatives and organisations. In the near future the webpage will be further developed to include news of other CBD-related activites on health and biodiversity, as well as details of upcoming meetings, information resources, new research, publications and case studies etc.

The website will be of great benefit to anyone involved in implementing CBD decisions that may influence human well-being, as well as those in the health and social science sectors who wish to become more acquainted with how biodiversity links with their areas of work.  The website can be found at, with links to versions in Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.


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