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For a list of organisations working in areas at the interface of health and biodiversity and their websites, please start with our Partners page.


The links between human health and well-being, biodiversity and ecosystem services are covered frequently in a wide range of scientific and professional journals and bulletins. There are a few journals specifically dedicated to ecohealth approaches, while others look at the issues within a broader context of international development and livelihood security. Here, we list some of the more specialised journals we find most useful:

Real-time Information Resources

  • ProMED Mail (electronic reporting system of the International Society for Infectious Diseases)
  • WAHID (World Animal Health Information Database from the World Organisation for Animal Health)
  • HealthMap (on-line mapping of infectious disease outbreaks)
  • Global Wildlife Disease News map (provided by the Wildlife Data Integration Network, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)

Social Networking

We couldn't possibly list all of the thousands of conservation, health or development pages on the dozens of social networking websites that are now popular. Instead, we have chosen to list just some of the blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages of COHAB Partners or others who regularly comment on issues relevant to the focus of the COHAB Initiative:



The list of useful twitter feeds has grown too long to include here, so a good point to start is the list of twitter users that the COHAB Secretariat is following:





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