This section of the website aims to provide access to information resources on the relationship between biological diversity and human well being, with links to related websites, meetings, reports, details of publications, education and training materials etc. The content will focus on items of interest to local and national government agencies, the private sector, academia, community organisations, and practitioners in health, development and environment. Click on the Reports, Meetings or Links icons above to access these resources.

Input and suggestions for the resources section are always welcome. If you would like to propose an addition, or if you notice any pressing issue with any of the material listed, please email:


COHAB Initiative postcards

The COHAB Initiative Secretariat has created a series of posters and postcards to illustrate some of the Initiative's programme areas and links between biodiversity and human health and well-being. Click on an image to open a larger version (.jpg file) in a new window, which can be saved and printed. Except where indicated, images are copyright-free stock photos purchased by the Secretariat, or were donated to the Secretariat by the licence holders.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (452KB)
Food Resources, Diet and Nutrition (983KB)
Healthy Forests, Healthy People (700KB)
Emerging Infectious Diseases (428KB)
Disaster Prevention, Relief and Recovery (681KB)
Medicine and Medical Research (661KB)
Livelihood Security and Freedom from Poverty (647KB)
Healthy Oceans, Healthy People (781KB)
Natural Products and Medicinal Resources (671KB)
Introduction to the COHAB Initiative (504KB)


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