COHAB Initiative Partnership arrangements provide a framework within which organisations may collaborate to increase the effectiveness of their efforts in addressing the issues linking the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity with health, well-being and livelihood security. The COHAB Initiative Secretariat and Partners support each other’s activities in areas of mutual interest by:
  • Regular exchange of information and experiences on issues relevant to their common objectives
  • Cooperating to identify potential avenues for collaborative / partnership activities.
  • Communication of each other’s separate or joint activities on relevant themes via existing networks, and via websites or other communication tools where appropriate.

Partners remain independent and are not bound to work exclusively through the Initiative. COHAB Partnerships are developed through dialogue and collaboration with the COHAB Initiative Secretariat and other Partners.

Organisations interested in joining the COHAB Initiative should contact the Secretariat.  If you wish to donate to the COHAB Secretariat, please contact contact us, or visit here.


Current Partners (as of January 2013)

Inter-Governmental Organisations

Non-Governmental Organisations (global)





United States

COHAB Initiative Steering Committee:




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