COHAB Initiative Secretariat

The activities of the COHAB Initiative are managed by a Secretariat which is currently based in Ireland. The Secretariat works with the logistic support of key international Partners. Activities are guided by a Steering Committee, comprising representatives of intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations working in health, development, environment and related areas.

The Secretariat of the COHAB Initiative is headquartered in Galway, Ireland. The Secretariat develops and directs the programme of work of the Initiative, co-ordinates activities and provides logistic, technical, and practical support for COHAB Partner organisations. The directors of the Secretariat are:

  • Mr. Conor Kretsch, Executive Director.
  • Ms. Fidelma Murray, Assistant Director / Training & Events Manager.

In addition to its main co-ordinating functions, the Secretariat operates a Business and Ecosystems Team, involved in outreach and training for the private sector; and a Strategic Assessment Team, which develops guidance for environmental and health impact assessments, root causes analysis, and cost-benefit studies which address the relationship between biodiversity and human well-being.

COHAB Initiative Steering Committee

The Secretariat and the programme of work of the Initiative is guided by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of key intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations involved with international or multi-lateral processes on environment, health, and international development, appointed by agreement.

COHAB Advisory and Oversight committees

These panels comprise individuals, or representatives of Partner Organisations, who are not directly involved with or otherwise are unavailable or ineligible to participate on the Steering Committee, and who are recognised as experts in relevant fields.  Panel members are consulted individually or collectively as required by the Secretariat or the Steering Committee. The constitution of these panels is reviewed annually.

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel is a multi-disciplinary body comprising individuals or representatives of organisations operating in relevant fields of expertise. This Panel provides guidance and support to the Secretariat on thematic areas addressed by the Initiative, provides advice on current knowledge and research on key issues, and otherwise provides technical support and direction on COHAB Initiative activities. Members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel are appointed by the Secretariat on agreement, or upon the recommendation of the Steering Committee. 

The Corporate and Legal Advisory Panel provides support and guidance to the Secretariat, ensuring its effective management and accountability, and ensuring that the Secretariat meets its obligations under Irish Law as a non-profit organisation. The panel provides expert advice on legal, financial and human resource matters covering all aspects of the Secretariat activities. This panel comprises experts and senior figures in business, accounting, human resources, and legal matters.


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