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By accessing the website, certain user information, such as IP addresses, navigation through the website, the software used, the time spent and similar related information, is stored by Secretriat's Internet Service Provider (ISP). This information is used solely for analysis of web site traffic. None of the information specifically identifies the visitor. The Secretariat's ISP also collects re-visit information using cookies. However, the cookies are only used if the visiting browser has them enabled.

Any personal information or contact details which are provided to the Secretariat by visitors to the site (for example, by email or on registration forms) are only used by the Secretariat for communications as intended / requested by the visitor, or to verify personal details provided in registration forms, etc.

None of the information collected from the web site is published for general access or otherwise given to third parties. Since the Secretariat headquarters are in Ireland, the Secretariat is bound to treat all such information with the highest standards of security and confidentially strictly in accordance with the Irish Data Protection Acts, 1998 and 2003.


If you notice a pressing issue with any aspect of the web site or the material listed therein, we request that you please contact the webmaster at


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